There are many ways to tithe and give above and beyond at SPCC


Put your check or cash in the plate as it is passed.  If you would like a contribution receipt for your cash, be sure to put it in an envelope (available in the lobby) with your name and contact information on it.


Set up SPCC on your bank's bill pay system.  You can do one time payments or recurring payments.  This is a FREE service through most banks and doesn't cost SPCC any fees.  The checks arrive from your bank and are processed and recorded as if you hand wrote the check.  Use the memo line to designate different funds.


You can give online to SPCC through PCO Giving.  You may give using an electronic check (ACH) which transfers funds directly from your bank account or using a credit card  Please note that SPCC is charged a percentage every time this platform is used. Using an electronic check has a smaller charge then using a credit card.



Text any amount to 84321 to give*.

The first time you text, a list of churches will pop up. Choose SPCC.  Then you'll be asked to setup a payment method. Existing PCO donors can log in to their profile to select a previously used payment method.

After setup, all you have to do is send any amount to 84321 to give!


What to donate to different funds?

You can indicate a specific fund by appending the fund name after the donation amount. For example: "$5 missions".


You can also split donations between funds in a single text. For example: "$5 missions $6 gcf" or "$5 to missions and $6 to gcf."

Our fund codes are:

     “GCF” for great commission fund

     “SPMF” for smokey point mission fund

     “missions” for missions

     “general” or “spcc” for general fund

*Standard message and data rates may apply.


If you shop at Amazon, buy through Amazon Smile instead.  It's the exact same site, making purchases the exact same way. But using vs and choosing Smokey Point Community Church as your charity... 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the church.

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