Little Light Preschool is a ministry of Smokey Point Community Church. It is our desire to meet the children’s spiritual, physical, social, educational and emotional needs in a Christ-centered, safe and loving environment.

The Christian environment provided by our Preschool is committed to fulfilling the goals of a quality childhood education. The program will provide a nurturing atmosphere that offers a thematic approach to learning through play. Play is an opportunity for children to interact with their peers, learning language and social skill and developing friendships.

The children experience music, science, art and drama. They explore elements like weather, sand and water, and play with puppets, blocks, puzzles and much more. Children need to be given the opportunity to ask questions, explore and discover, using all five senses. Encouragement and positive reinforcement for each child are necessary to instill a love of learning.

child painted hand prints


child painted hand prints

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Art The focus is on the process, not the product. This is where your child grows and learns emotionally and creatively.

Blocks The focus is on problem solving and math. Blocks allow children to use the logical parts of their brains.

Music The focus is, again, on the process, not the product. Children need the opportunity to create, listen and experiment with music and its instruments.

Manipulatives (puzzles and games) The focus is on fine motor skills. That is, finger skills. These puzzles and games are the learning platforms for skills such as printing, zipping coats, and tying shoes.

Literature Books, books, and books! Play and learning can be extended through Stories, such as finger plays, puppets and magnet boards. Children often enjoy the quiet time a book brings.

Dramatic Play There is no better play than imaginative, cooperative dramatic play, especially for ages 3 -5. They learn to take turns, share, assign roles and practice speech. It also helps them take on leadership skills.

Housekeeping Children learn about roles and household tasks. They can mimic adults and practice self-help skills.

Science Children will have the opportunity to experiment and manipulate materials to discover and create scientific change.

Math For the little ones it’s all about classifying and sorting. This is the learning step for children to learn and understand the concepts of numbers and their value.

Water Water is a form of sensory play. Children find this play relaxing and pleasant. They also learn about weight, depth and density.

Sand Again, sand (granular) play is very relaxing and pleasant for children. There’s math, science and imaginative play involved. Sand is usually supported with added props, toys and pictures.

Gross Motor/Creative Movement With toys, such as balls, parachute, mats, tunnels and beanbags, tslides and swings, they develop their arms and legs.

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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Session 1 8:30-11:00

Session 2 12:00-2:30


Thursday & Friday



Thursday & Friday


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Monthly Tuition:

3/4's classes - $145.00 

Pre-K classes - $205.00

There is a non-refundable registration fee and an activity fee (field trips) due at registration. September and May tuition due by the 1st day of school.

Informational Brochure

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children hand prints