Join the ’Mystery Island’ VBS team! We are so excited to help kids ’track down the one true God’ thru our mystery island themed VBS!

VBS is July 19-23 from 6-8:30.  We have childcare for children 3 and under for our volunteers!


We are in need of many willing hearts and helpful hands to love on kids, minister to families, and put on this huge event for our church and community! 

There are many different types of volunteer positions needed ~ from group leaders to craft helpers, from security to snack helpers.  Sign Up! Step In! Make a difference!


VBS JULY 19-23 Monday -Friday 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Please arrive at 5:30pm on Monday and 5:45pm Tue-Fri so that all volunteers arrive before the children!

If your student is VOLUNTEERING AT VBS and is going into 6th grade thru 15 years old, they are considered an LIT (Leader in Training) and they are required to attend the VBS LIT Training on June 13 in order to be able to serve at VBS this year! Please contact Ms. Diona if you have a conflict with this date.

July 15 Last day for kids to be registered for VBS.


All Volunteers will have a T-shirt, lanyard & name tag to wear each night at VBS (receive 1st night of VBS)

Power Up Bible Study Leader, Assistants, & LITs
Welcome small groups into the Bible Study room at the start of each session
Present important Biblical principles through the lesson
Lead all the Bible Study Video sessions each day
Facilitate Group discussion & activity to drive home the bible point for the day


Power Up Craft Leaders Assistants & LITs
You will receive a bin full of all the supplies needed for each day
You will set out all necessary supplies for each day
Go over the Bible overview provided each day
Help small group leaders engage/assist children in craft activity
Help restock supplies after each session
Lead all Craft sessions each day


Power Up STEAM Leaders, Assistants, & LITs (science, tech, engineering, art, math)
Lead the STEAM area each night at VBS (in craft locations)
Help set up the STEAM area each night
Help reset STEAM area after each session
Help facilitate/teach the STEAM activity during each Craft rotation
Clean up STEAM area each night of VBS


Power Up Snack Leaders Assistants, & LITs
Assist leader in collecting and organizing snack supplies
Help review the bible point with children during snack each day
Assist children in following directions as the Leader instructs them on preparing their snack
Remind small group leaders to do the bible memory activity last 10 mins of snack session
Help clean up snack area between each snack session
Help clean up at the end of the evening


Power Up Games Leaders, Assistants & LITs
Use materials provided to set up game area each day
Explain and coordinate each game/activity
Help clean up games area each night and bring supplies back
Lead all game sessions each day


Power Up Kids Dancers Leader
Rehearse with 6 kids 3 times before the start of VBS
Be an encouragement to the Dancers as they practice/prepare for VBS
Arrive at 5pm on the 1st night of VBS to do a “live” practice before VBS begins for the week
Gather at the stage with the Dancers each night before the start of VBS
Be in the front row during the concert and encore participating in the crowd for kids to see
Dancers will be plugged into a small group for rotation sessions


Power Up Small group leaders, Assistants & LITs
Travel with your small Group of children (preschool, K-2nd grade, or 3-5th grade) to each rotation
Using the schedule help your group move along in a timely manner
Be a “welcome” each night to the children in your group
Build relationships with children and families throughout the week
Lead small group prayer and activities in Bible time, Snack time as directed in the small group guide and be available to answer questions that come up through the night


Power Up Special Needs Buddy
Be a one on one buddy to a child with special needs
Help child navigate and engage successfully in VBS in a way that is fun and meaningful to them
Hang out with child in our Special POWER UP Controller Room (low sensory special needs room) as needed during VBS


Power Up Controller Room Leader, Assistant & LIT
Help staff our special needs friendly sensory area at VBS
Our Controller room is a place where a child and their “buddy” can retreat to during activities that the child needs a lower sensory level of activity, or where a child can go to rest, regroup and later reenter the rotation when they are comfortable and ready.


Power Up Registration Help
Help set up registration area under the breeze way each night for VBS
Arrive at 5:15pm the first night for those who come early to register
Help families fill out online registration if not yet registered
Fill child/parents name on Power up name tag as they register
Use the alphabetized master list to help those who preregistered find their group
Hand out Power up name tags to those who pre-registered on their first night
Be at the registration table each night of VBS till registration is over.
You can sign up to help as an assistant in rotation area after registration is over


Power Up Security & Parking
Help facilitate parking in our front and back lots
Help facilitate safety when groups cross the street from main campus to field for games
Be stationed at strategic points around the campus to ensure campus safety each night
Be aware of surroundings and make sure no unauthorized people are “hanging out on campus
Be calm cool and collected in your black security T-shirt (provided for you)


Power Up Nurse & First Aid
Staff the First Aid Room during VBS (D building)
Provide basic first aid when necessary during VBS
Provide a place of rest if child becomes overheated or ill.
Supervise children who are not feeling well till a parent can arrive to pick them up


Power Up Photographer
Help capture the POWER UP VBS in Action
Wonder around the campus taking pictures during concert/encore and all rotation areas
Provide Children’s ministry staff with a flash drive of pictures (provided) as soon as possible
After VBS week is complete, 1-2 weeks tops
Have fun and be creative!


Power Up Concert/Encore Tech Team
Run the sound and lights for the opening concert and closing encore each night of VBS
Coordinate with VBS director & Team for countdown, daily opening, & daily closing logistics
Arrive early on the 1st night to provide tech support for the Dancer “live” practice


VBS Set up & Tear down Crew
Use your muscles to help with the major set up of VBS on Sunday July 14th 1-4pm
Moving chairs/tables/equipment from room to room as needed for set up
Use your muscles to help with the major tear down after VBS on Friday night July 19th


Power Up Decorating Committee
Coordinate with Decorating Comm Leader to help create with décor for Auditorium & other rooms we use for VBS if available
Help decorate Auditorium and rotation spaces the week before VBS July 8-12 when available
Help on Sunday July 14th decorate the Auditorium and other rooms as needed


Power Up Nursery (for Volunteers children)
Help care for babies 0-24 months old in our Bunnies Nursery
Love and play with our volunteer’s little ones as they serve in VBS


Power Up 2-year-old Room (for Volunteers children)
Help care for 2-year olds in our 2s room
Love and play with our volunteer’s little ones as they serve in VBS
Help lead 2-year olds through age appropriate Power Up themed activities and Bible story in their own classroom setting

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